Five Element Acupunctureis an integrated system of Acupuncture.  A gathering of protocols from Korean, Japanese and Chinese modalities, Five Element Acupuncture works to first remove blocks to treatment through various acupuncture protocols. Once clear, treatment begins. Nature guides the practitioner through his senses. The practitioner simply supports nature in doing what it does best, Heal. Removing the blocks, that nature can find balance within the body/mind/spirit.
It is suggested to begin with a series of six treatments, spread over six weeks, though each individual has different needs. As balance is relative, treatment is more about changing the state of balance. The goal being that the client experiences a deeper sense of quality in his or her life. Symptoms become friends, who are supporting our growth. One interpretation of the character 'Tao' is the mind that is willing to see.  Treatment helps us see, feel and experience ourselves with deeper understanding, meaning and confidence.

Moxa, a plant called Artemesia Latiflora Vulgaris or Mugwort, is burn over the skin to warm the point. This fosters trust between practitioner and client, as well as prepares the point for the insertion of the needle. Moxa is only used when appropriate. 

Needles used are disposable and opened from a sterile package at the time of treatment. The needles used are the width of a humyn hair or less. The sensations one feels range from point to point and from day to day. The strongest sensation might be like a bee sting, and the least, an energetic flutter.
The rapport between practitioner and client is a large part of the treatment as well. Only when the client is comfortable do they reveal their deepest needs, that those needs might be met by the practitioner.

Five Element acupuncture is about transformation; transforming pain into understanding, meaning, and appropriate management. We seek to extract wisdom from our experiences of strife and struggle to enhance our own experience as well as those around us. We can turn our raw experiences into remedies for ourselves and the world around us.

Ty Romijn, L.Ac. came to Acupuncture through his study of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. He first studied many Asian body therapies (Qi Kung Massage, Polarity, Zen  Shiatzu Acupressure, Jin Shin Do), before going on to study Classical Five Element Acupuncture at the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture in Louisville, Colorado, USA. He graduated in 2003 and began practicing fall 2003.

Ty currently teaches Acupuncture at ITEA.  Ty brings his extensive bodywork experience to his acupuncture lens. He is a Certified Zero Balancing practitioner by the ZBHA since 2000.  Zero Balancing is a hands-on body therapy supporting the alignment of energy and structure through direct contact with the bones. Though Ty will practice ZB on its own, and acupuncture on its own, the two complement each brilliantly. 
Come and take a step toward Wholeness!
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